Country Herbals

Country Herbals

Have you notice that when you use a commercial flea treatment your dog starts itching more, a few years ago we didn't have a dog itch epidemic like we have now. Maybe there is a connection. A vet in Australia did extensive research on this and found evidence of damage to pets organs, he also went as far as saying it also shortened their life span - using these chemicals, the larger organ on a pet in its skin. You just need to read whats on the packet. The instructions say to dispose of the container in a responsible manner and not to get it on your skin. To wash your hands thoroughly after use, etc etc. Is this the kind of substance we want to put onto our beloved pet? I'd say NO! So, Please try our Natural Flea Flummox on your dog or cat and save him or her unnecessary suffering they can do without! Our products are a fraction of the cost you will pay for those horrible chemicals - one bottle will cost you around $15.00 and will do 80 or more application on a 10 kg dog and 50 on a 20kg dog. How does Flea Flummox works to kill fleas, the odor blows the circuits in the fleas brain rending them unable to function. You apply Flea Flummox down the spine or inside the pets collar, with no worries to you if you get it on the hands, totally safe to use.

As you will see below I have a number of other natural products listed with more to come in the new year 2020.

I have used this flea treatment on my 4 Mini Schnauzer for 2 years now. In summer time, I'll put it on one a week or twice, if I feel my girls need it, winter time weekly or fortnightly. I highly recommend this flea treatment, all products I sell I've tested out on my own dogs, that's why I know they work. if you have any question, just email me on

Open 7 days a week. Monday to Sunday. 12 Months of the year. 

Over all the holiday period.
I only take a small group of dogs, advanced booking are prefer to get a place.
WE COVER: The whole of the Wairarapa, Featherson. Greytown. Martinborough. Carterton. Masterton. Eketahuna. 
If your coming from anywhere else in New Zealand, either passing through or coming to some of the Wairarapa many attractions and events.
Your dog(s) must be up to date with all Vaccinations, Kennel cough, Flea & Worm treatments. Be micro-chipped & registered with your local council, please bring your vet book with you.
All dogs must be de-sexed. We take puppies from 4 months old that are toilet trained.  All puppies must be de-sexed by 6 months.


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100 Colombo Road. Masterton


Phone: Sharron 027-316-5256


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