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Brand: Country Herbals.

Flea Flummox is topical, so is not stored in the animals system.

Dogs: Dose Rate: Down the spine of a 20kg dog 30 drops. 10kg dog 15 drops. 5kg dog 7 drops. Once or Twice a week in summer-time. fortnightly to monthly depending on prevalence of fleas .It can also be applied to the inside of your dogs collar.

Cats: just a drop or 2 on the back of the neck.

Have you ever wondered about the chemical in your flea treatments? Some of the ingredients in those product are very toxic to your pet. We encourage our customers to do their own research on products they are using so they are able to make well informed decisions. Personally, as a rule of thumb - we would not want to put ANYTHING on our pets that we cannot put on ourselves - we are made of the same stuff!!! The chemicals many flea treatments contain according to research have caused serious health problems in animals tested in laboratories. Some of these reactions include; vomiting, diarrhea, trembling, seizures, and respiratory problems. So we mustn't get it on our skin, but its ok to put it onto our precious dogs skin, and it remains in their system for a month or more? Does this make sense?

Fipronil is a chemical used widely now in commercial flea treatments. It is stored in the sebaceous (oil) glands from which it is slowly released onto the hair and skin. Does this sound right to you?

I have used Flea Flummox on our 4 Mini Schnauzers putting 10 drops of down the spine and rub it in a bit with my fingers, once a week, twice a week if I feel they need it. Our dogs have been using Flea flummox treatment now for close to 2 years with no flea on them or in the house. So I highly recommend this product, its safe for pets and us handling it as well.

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