1 DOG          2 DOGS

1 Day    -  $35           $45

2 Days  -  $70           $90

3 Days  -  $105          $135

4 Days  -  $140          $180

5 Days  -  $175          $225

6 Days  -  $210          $270

A week  - $245          $315

Discounts Available to Regular Clients Only 

Drop-off Between 8.30-10am.  Pick-up Between 4.30 -6pm

Includes: Breakfast, healthy treats & evening meals.


Is classed as a 2 Day-stay, not 24 hours.

1 Dog              $56.00 

2 Dogs            $63.00

3 Dogs            $75.00

Drop-off Between 8.30-10am. Pick-up by 6pm

Includes: Breakfast, healthy treats & evening meals.

This is a Boutique Home-Stay For Small Dogs.

You only need to look at what your dog gets with us, that you don't get at a kennel.

Its the piece of mind knowing your dog is in the same home-environment as your home, with the freedom to wander around the house, freely playing with other dogs, getting lots of cuddles, able to sleep on our bed at night if they wish and good healthy food on top of that its a real holiday stay for your dog too.

All visits are by appointment, please fill out the Book now page & I will contact you to set a date for the Meet & Greet before your dogs stay.


We supply high grade healthy natural food.

MORNING: NZ made Ziwi Peak. Is meat & minerals in an air dried form.

LUNCH: We now make our own healthy air dried treats. 

DINNER: We believe in giving a variety of different foods choices, pets hate eating the same food day after day. 

From raw beef. Blocks of chicken ragout, Veal, Diced venison, Tripe, beef blend, Chicken necks and our home grown raw vegetable mix, sardines, raw eggs, baked chicken, steamed fish & rabbit

We also add Hemp seed oil ( Essential fatty acids Omega 3,6 and GLA ) to a meal of either meat or Chicken. 


Also we add to 1 water bowl daily: Pet Probiotic: natural pet tonic for optimum digestive health. 

We believe all dogs should be eating healthy food and as natural a diet as possible, away from preservatives, additives, fillers, corn and wheat proceed meat meals and biscuits, in the long run the benefits are amazing, you'll have less vet bills, a healthier dog and a longer lifespan.

I'm only to happy to disuse good healthy meal choices with you, weather you book with us or not.​ Dogs are not only my business but my passion as well.

When you think about it, we are now very a where of what we eat & what it does for us, well why not think about your pets in the same way.

I'm always on the look out for healthy choice's for our dogs, we are very lucky that our vet is on board with this as well, we get really good nutrition advise from them.


And we are now making our own air dried healthy treats in liver & kidney. So we can say it really has no added preservatives, colour, flavours, or agents added.




Safe & happy in our home