Why send your dog to us at Watchdog Boutique Home-stay

Home away from home.
Your dog is treated the same as our 3 Mini Schnauzers,who have the run of the house inside and out, never left alone and are either with Sharron or her husband. You know your dog prefers always being in your company and its the same here with us. 
"Meet and Greet" 
Before any dog is accepted, we have our "Free Meet and Greet" please bring your dog(s) with you. We are very informal here, sitting comfortably in our lounge or outside on a sunny day for an hour or more, while your dog(s) can move around freely, while you fill out the necessary forms. We have an on-line booking form, you'll find it easier to fill that out at your leaser, with the right birth, vaccination dates
I will need to see your vaccination book with proof that your dog is up to date with all vaccinations, kennel cough, microchip, dog registration number, flea and worm treatments. All dogs must also be De-sexed. No dogs will be accepted without all of these being done. This is not only for your dogs health and safely, but other dogs in our care as well.
Providing routine.
Dogs are creatures of habit and very much like routine. Watchdog Boutique Home-stay will have your dog in a good routine in no time, fitting into the pack with Sharron as their mentor.
Interaction with other dogs.
Your dog will benefit from interaction with other dogs, through another environment, physical and mental stimulation. Having your dog around other dogs as well as people (us) will provide them with better socialisation skills and will be a good tool in training your dog to remain calm in a variety of situations. To be part of our pack your dog will need to be able to socialise ​well with others, showing no aggressive behavior. 
Relieves boredom and separation anxiety.
Dogs hate being by themselves and are very much pack animals. One of the primary reason a dog can develop destructive behaviors is boredom or separation anxiety. If it's left by itself for several hours a day during the working week, they may become exceedingly bored or overly anxious, either way, this can manifest into a wide variety of behaviors such as chewing, excessive barking, howling or even accidents.
Sending your dog(s) to me will provide them with the loving affection and attention that dogs need on a regular basis. 
At Watchdog boutique home-stay, Sharron loves working with dogs, being a pet owner myself I understand a dog's need for constant attention which is why your dog will be with me from the time you drop them off to the time you pick them up.
Your peace of mind.
Knowing that your dog are being well cared for while you are at work eliminating any worry you may have felt while they were home alone for many hours a day. And if your away on holiday knowing your loved pet is in safe hands will make for a happy holiday.
I'm sure that you want your dog in a environment that's not only safe, happy and enjoying themselves as well. We have a fully fenced good sized property in Masterton with 2 play areas for the dogs to run around and play with each other and I enjoy interacting in play with them as well. 
Part of the daily routine is a sleep or relax in the afternoon, so all dogs go with Sharron up-stairs to my office with a number of comfy doggy beds, I don't believe in caging your dogs in any way.​
Evenings after dinner are spent relaxing either on our couches, large ottoman, doggy beds or in front of the fire on a cold night.​
Bed-time all dogs sleep with us, either on our bed or doggy beds in our room, again no dog is caged or left alone.
Watchdog boutique home-stay is truly a home away from home experience for your dog.  
On our Holidays and over-night stays, your dog(s) will be fed twice a day, unless advised differently by you. I feed all dogs in our care a natural meat diet, Ziwi Peck an air dried meat in a biscuit form made in New Zealand. With healthy dog treats in the afternoon. Fresh water is available at all times. If you are coming for a holiday stay and you haven't given them breakfast, please let me know and I'll feed them. I'm only too happy to discuss this with you on our FREE Meet & Greet. 
Small boutique Group.
At any one time there will only be a small group of dogs, I want to be able to spend quality time with your dog. That cant be done with too many.
Sharron has taken dogs through obedience and agility training and has been a dog trainer for 2 dog clubs in the Wellington area, Owned an animal feeding service in the past, so brings to Watchdog boutique home-stay about 45 years experience around not only dogs but other animals as well.
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