Tasty raw foods for your dog

We know the healthiest pets are those that eat a diet as close as possible to that of their wild ancestors, modern wolves and big cats. Dogs and cats are natural-born carnivores and raw meat diet is what they are designed to eat.

That's why providing a range of raw meat pet foods for your pets made from quality, fresh meats grown on New Zealand farms, they contain all the nutrients your pet needs to keep healthy. And the entire range is 100% NATURAL, PRESERVATIVE AND GRAIN FREE.

Beef Blend


100% New Zealand beef; green tripe, sunflower oil, coconut oil, kelp, vitamins and minerals, New Zealand green lip mussel plus potentiated wholefruits and herbs

A nutritious blend of green trip, tender 100% New Zealand beef and the right mix of nutrients to maximise the taste and performance of every mouthful

Chicken ragout


Chicken; green tripe, sunflower oil, coconut oil, kelp, vitamins and minerals, New Zealand green lip mussel plus potentiated wholefruits and herbs

Fresh chicken, green trip, and a mix of nutrients to maximise the taste and goodness for even the fussiest of pets

Veal meal


Dairy veal; green tripe, sunflower oil, coconut oil, kelp, vitamins and minerals, New Zealand green lip mussel plus potentiated wholefruits and herbs

Sourced from New Zealand farms, this product is having great results with pets with allergies and eating disorders, Its suitable for both dogs and cats.

Veal brisket

An absolute favourite for dogs of all shapes and sizes. the soft bones are safe to eat and growth enzymes are still active which helps all dogs live and play to their fullest.

Diced venison

Mix this New Zealand farmed, export-grade meat with the othe blends for great variation and to work your pets teeth. Also great to serve on it's own for a special treat.


Green (un-blended) tripe is our superfood for dogs. It assists the pets digestion and is an excellent source of essential fatty acids, probiotics and digestive enzymes.

Chicken necks

Free-flow chicken necks are perfect crunchy snacks for smaller dogs and cats. They're fantastic for exercising the jaw muscles, keeping teeth clean and they are ideal for all ages and pet sizes. They also assist joint maintenance and bone development.

How will raw feeding help my pet?

Shiny, soft coat & reduced odour

This pet food contains NO preservatives or additives. they use fresh human grade ingredients, which will produce shiny soft coats with a lot less shedding.

Less mess

This pet food contains NO Fillers, NO Corn and NO Wheat. A raw natural diet is more digestible and therefore less waste is created. Stools are firm, formed and will biodegrade into your lawn in a matter of days.

Reduction in allergies

Switching to raw food may diminish and ease various health clinical signs, particularly food allergies. this diet is protein specific and sensitivity formulas such as veal or chicken may solve your pet's allergic reactions (continual scratching, chewing feet, hot spots, ear infections etc.) Additionally many raw fed dogs have fewer health issues, meaning less expensive vet appointments.

Dental benefits

This range of raw pet food contains no added carbohydrates, sugar and starches for cleaner teeth. 

Reduced water intake

With improved digestibility, you pet won't need the excessive amounts of watch necessary to brask down a dry food diet. In addition this means less drooling and improved liver and kidney function to help the overall long term health of your pet.

Open 7 days a week. Monday to Sunday. 12 Months of the year. 

Over all the holiday period.
I only take a small group of dogs, advanced booking are prefer to get a place.
WE COVER: The whole of the Wairarapa, Featherson. Greytown. Martinborough. Carterton. Masterton. Eketahuna. 
If your coming from anywhere else in New Zealand, either passing through or coming to some of the Wairarapa many attractions and events.
Your dog(s) must be up to date with all Vaccinations, Kennel cough, Flea & Worm treatments. Be micro-chipped & registered with your local council, please bring your vet book with you.
All dogs must be de-sexed. We take puppies from 4 months old that are toilet trained.  All puppies must be de-sexed by 6 months.


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