Watch the FAT in your dogs diet,

Fat is healthy for your dog. It helps with nerve and immune function and is critical for skin health. But Fat contains twice the number of calories as protein.

And it contains very few vitamins and minerals.

Remember I said I'd mentioned the #1 mistake when it comes to raw diets? It's feeding too much Fat. If your dog's diet is too high in Fat, I guarantee he won't be getting enough vitamins and minerals. The calories from Fat will add up before he gets enough vitamins and minerals.

And you might start to see some long-term health issues if the Fat is too high. The main reason why so many raw feeders give their dogs too much Fat... is because cheaper meats contain a lot of Fat.

But if you watch for sales, you can get low Fat meats at a good price.

Overall, you don't want the Fat to be much more than 10% and certainly no more than 20% of the diet. but this doesn't mean you don't feed Fat.

Your dog needs Fat but not so much of it that it robs them of other important nutrients.

here are some examples of some high-fat meats you'll want to avoid and low-fat meats that are easy to find:


Chicken neck with skin Chicken necks with no skin

Chicken or turkey dark meat with skin Chicken or turkey light meat with no skin

Ground beef (85% lean or less) Lean ground beef

Pork belly Pork loin

Domestic duck Rabbit

Most fish

Most wild game (except duck)

NOTE: If you're able to feed your dog whole fish, whole rabbit, or other whole animals with the bone in.... they're already balanced and you don't need to add extra meat. But if the carcass doesn't have organs, be sure to add those back in.

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